Art of handmade paper.

I have developed and transformed this technique using my unique method.

Some of my works seem like three-dimensional paintings.

Different forms and shapes arise from the surface of the canvases. It looks like a sculpture in which shapes are carved so that they are only slighter higher than the background, very similar to a bas-relief. The type of lighting also takes a very important part in the overall conception and comprehension of each creation. It reveals the beauty and the unified impression of my paintings.

I accept my kind of art as an ecological art.

One of the principles of it is to create works that employ natural materials or engage with environmental forces such as wind, water, or sunlight. The basic material for my paintings is usual paper. I use a great quantity of recycled paper too. In this way, I help preserve the environment. I think that there are vast quantities of paper that can be made into art.

The power of energy

Right now there's an energy field or aura around you that others can feel. Without saying anything you can feel a sense of peace, calm, warmth, and at the same time the dramatic experience of my soul. My paintings are saturated and each of them is painted with a very individual tonality. They desire to transform fatigue, stress, and fear into vitality, strength, and love.

Many psychologists think that we can use such positive energy to succeed.

We should change our thoughts. If you are thinking negative thoughts, just let go of them. Intentionally focus on the positive things happening in your life. Аrt can help people who want to improve themselves. It is like a psychological meditation between the painting and the viewer. It involves shutting the door to distractions, relaxing, and focusing on the cathartic power of my paintings.

The mystery and power of art therapy

Just give yourself permission to feel!

Watercolor sense

“Every canvas is a journey all its own.” We must be willing to destroy our art if we aim to create masterpieces.

What makes a painting valuable?

- The emotion…